Poor Touch-Up

Apr 19, 2023 | Uncategorized

A poor touch-up is when the touched up area appears to be a different color or texture from the rest of the paint. This usually happens when you repair or repaint just one area instead of the whole thing.

Possible Causes:

  • Try to use a different tool to paint the area, for example, if you used a roller on a brush area, try to switch to a brush instead.
  • Probably got the wrong shade of the color you wanted.
  • Sometimes the area that was repaired has a different texture than the rest of the area.
  • Sometimes temperature can affect how the paint goes on. Try to apply the paint around the same temperature you applied the paint before.


  • Use the same tool to apply paint on the area that needs a touch up.
  • Try to keep extra paint from the original batch used.
  • When repairing an area, try to match the same texture as the rest of the surface.
  • A little bit of thinning of the touch-up can help blend the new paint to the old one.
  • If there are many areas that need a touch-up, it is better to just paint the whole surface instead.